Looking For The Best Canister Vacuums For Pet Hair? Then Don’t Miss Out This Article

If you are looking for the best canister vacuums for pet hair to buy, you might be overwhelmed with all of the options that you have on the market. There are a lot of models which are different in size, weight, design, and features.

It is better to know what the most important features are and what you should need in a canister vacuum cleaner before you do your search. However, maybe you don’t know or are still confused about what the best options of canister vacuum on the market are. Then, you should take a look at the article below for the ultimate guide on buying one.

What to look for in a Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

In order to choose the best canister vacuum cleaner, there are quite a few things you need to consider including the hose, power cord, and capacity. Take a look the list below:

The best filtration system on the market is the High efficiency particulate air system. This filtration system helps to capture particles all of sizes as well as enhancing the air quality inside your house.

Also, some families have members who have breathing problems or allergic to pet hair and dander. In this case, you should choose a canister vacuum cleaner with HEPA system.

The cleaning paths from different models of canister vacuum cleaner will have different length. They range from about 10 to 15 inches. Particularly, if you have a big floor and want to save time, you should go for a vacuum with long path.
A long power cord will be a great advantage for any corded canister vacuum cleaner. With a long cord, you don’t have to worry about moving from one power outlet to another when you vacuum a big room.

Besides, it also helps you to reach a place of far distance easily.

Therefore, make sure that you buy a canister vacuum with a cord of more than 20 foot in length.

A long hose will help you to reach up as high as the ceiling or underneath your bed. Thus, you don’t have to move your vacuum a lot while you are cleaning as well.
Actually, you might want a canister vacuum with a large dirt capacity. Just because you don’t want to change the bag or clean the dirt compartment too often.

Nevertheless, it is common for a canister vacuum which has a large dirt capacity to have a larger size.

If you choose the bag-less option, the capacity is generally about 0.5 gallon. On the other hand, the bagged option vacuum often has dirt capacity of around 1 gallon.

Some of the models of the canister vacuum cleaners on the market come with a huge package of attachments. These additional tools include dusting brush, crevice tools or other special pet hair removal tools. In fact, these tools are helpful for you in case you need to do some specific tasks such as vacuuming pet hair.

Also, if you have different types of surfaces in your house such as carpet, hardwood, and bare floor, you can consider purchasing a canister vacuum cleaner. They will offer you these tools to help the vacuuming task much more effective.

Obviously, you can realize that the weight of a canister vacuum cleaner can vary a great deal among all of the models and products. Some light canister vacuum cleaner can weigh for about 9 to 10 pounds. On the other hand, you can easily find a canister vacuum that is about 24 to 25 pounds.

If you have to carry the vacuum cleaner around, you might want to consider purchasing a more lightweight option.

Finally, the most suitable canister vacuum cleaner should have the design that you like and require. It should be compact and fit into the storage space where you intend to store it.

Make sure you know about the place where you are going to store your vacuum cleaner before buying in order to choose the perfect fit.

Keep in mind that you also need to prepare storage for your additional attached tools as well.

Know before you go

Some of the canister vacuum cleaners’ features are not about what is the best but it depends on your personal needs and preferences. First, you have to answer the questions below to determine which type of canister vacuum cleaners that you will need the most. Then, you can search for your most suitable model of canister vacuum cleaner or go to a retail store and ask for help from the seller.

What types of surface do you have at home?
First of all, you need to know which type of floor you need to vacuum in your house. It could be hardwood floor, bare floor or carpeting floor.

Most of the canister vacuum cleaners you can find on the market can work effectively on bare floors. However, you may want a canister vacuum for your carpet and upholstery, normally a canister vacuum cleaner would not be powerful enough. In this case, you need special attachments that are made to specifically do the job on various surfaces.

If you don’t want to purchase a lot of additional tools, you can choose a model that has a powered brush roll. So that, it can do a better job on carpet.

And in case you only have bare floors at home, you don’t need to purchase any fancy attachment. Since most of the ordinary canister vacuum cleaner will work well on bare floors.

What is the structure of your house?
If you live in an apartment and have no floors, you can think about having a big and heavy canister vacuum cleaner. You might want one like that as it often comes with higher suction power and large dirt compartment’s capacity.

However, if there are stairs in your house, you might want to purchase a lightweight option.

In addition, provided that your house has a lot of tight spaces, you might want to consider a canister vacuum cleaner with a great maneuverability.

Is pet hair a big issue that you need to target?
If you want to get rid of pet hair in your house by vacuuming, a specific vacuum is better than a normal typical one. In fact, a vacuum cleaner for pet hair should have a great suction to pick up smallest hair. Plus, it should have soft nylon or silicon brush to effectively capture the short hair.

However, you totally can consider purchasing normal vacuum cleaner with additional tools such as crevice tool and pet hair brush.

Is anyone in your house currently suffering from asthma or allergy?
If the answer is Yes, you should look for a canister vacuum cleaner that comes with the HEPA filtration. There are a lot of filtration systems on the market. However, the one that deals best with all of the allergens in the air is the HEPA system.
Bag or no bag?
Maybe, you don’t want to encounter the mess and dirtiness when you have to take the dirt bin out and clean it. Then, you can go for a bagged option. However, since you have to keep buying new bags, the cost of running a bagged option is higher in the long run.

If you want to save money, you can choose a bagless canister vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, you need to spend time cleaning and washing it on a frequent basis. And the process is not really clean at all.

Top 3 Best Canister Vacuums for Pet Hair Reviews

1. Eureka Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F – For Hardwood Floors

This Eureka vacuum cleaner has an 11-inch cleaning path and a telescopic wand which can extend up to 55 inches. It also has a 20-foot power cord and 12-amp motor. It also has a HEPA filtration.

There are 2 attachments that come along with this pet canister vacuum cleaner. They are Pet power paw for cleaning pet hair and the crevice and combination brush to clean on edges and upholstery surface.


  • This is a very lightweight and compact canister vacuum cleaner with the ability to reach up to the ceiling with an adjustable telescopic wand.
  • It is very effective in term of picking up pet hair on various surfaces such as upholstery and stairs.
  • This canister vacuum cleaner uses the Arm and Hammer odor eliminating dust bags. It can effectively prevent odor and strange smell from building up inside the compartment.


  • There is no cord rewind in this model of canister vacuum cleaner. The cord is also pretty short as well in comparison with other models of canister vacuum cleaners on the market.
  • The floor tool doesn’t include a motorized brush.

2. Panasonic MCCG 937 OptiFlow Vacuum Cleaner – Corded Canister

This model of bagged vacuum cleaner is a cord canister vacuum cleaner with cord and bagged system. The main cleaning tool is a wide power nozzle, a 14-inch cleaning path with a removable dirt bag caddy. Also, it is equipped with the OptiFlow technology to help maintain a good suction regardless of how much dirt is filled inside the dirt bag.

It also features the HEPA filtration system. The additional tools that come along with the unit are a floor brush as well as a dusting tool and a designated brush for pet hair.


  • It can work effectively on many types of floors- from bare floors to carpets to pick up the tiniest pet hair and dander, making it one of the best canister vacuums for pet hair.
  • With the 360-degree swivel feature, the vacuum cleaner can move around the house in any direction. And you don’t have to concern if the hose will ever get
  • There are 4 position height adjustments from extremely low to high, to indicate the depth of the vacuum for a more precise job.


  • This vacuum cleaner is quite heavy in comparison with other canister vacuum cleaners on the market.

3. Miele Classic C1 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus White – Corded

This canister vacuum cleaner has a classic FiberTeQ floor tool for cleaning various types of surfaces including low pile carpets and hard floors. It also has a telescopic, stainless steel wand, and a long 29-feet electrical cord that can be automatically rewound.  Besides, it uses the AirClean filtration system.

The main accessories that come along with the unit are a dusting brush, upholstery tool, and a crevice nozzle.


  • You can change the floor’s tool easily from a tool to clean smooth bare floors to a tool to clean deep file carpets. Just by clicking in the rocker switch.
  • The handle is very large, providing a convenient and ergonomic use, so that you can easily reach everywhere.
  • It has very lightweight and portable so you can easily carry it around from stairs to stairs.
  • It is very easy to use.


  • It doesn’t use the HEPA filtration system. Therefore, this model of canister vacuum cleaner might not be a good option if there is someone suffering from asthma and allergy in your house.
  • It doesn’t include any tool or brush to help picking up pet hair on medium file carpeting and hardwood floor.

I hope that with all of the tips above, you could be able to come up with the best canister vacuums for pet hair and your house. A best canister vacuum cleaner will help you to effectively clean and get rid of pet hair and dander. It also cleans up other small dirt particles and leaves a fresh clean living area for all of the members in your family.

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