5-Minute Reading to Choose The best bathroom fan

As there is lots of water in the air in your bathroom, this humidity condition is likely to cause damp problems. It would lead a wall, or a ceiling structure damaged. That’s why a bathroom exhaust fan soon becomes an important device of a bathroom, apart from dehumidifier. To make a right decision, here are five reviews of best bathroom fan that would suit your requirements. Besides, you should look over six fan’s features carefully to get the good one.

When to Use Bathroom Fans?

Especially, the bathroom is a humid place that results in in a high possibility of damp problems. In details, you paint, and the wallpaper in the bathroom would be peeled off. Therefore, the wall structure would likely to be damaged. However, having a bathroom fan will remove the water and help avoid any cost of damage that you may deal with.

What Should You Look for In A bathroom fan?

Fan capacity

As for a small fan, it is incapable of producing enough airflow to stop damp risks, while a big one would cost you extra unnecessarily.

Therefore, just do some simple math with this formula to figure out the best fit CFM (cubic feet per minute) for your bathroom. But, what is the CFM? It is a measurement of how much air your bathroom fan would draw in a room in a period.

Cubic feet = length of your bathroom x width of your bathroom x-height of your bathroom.

Measuring the size of the bathroom fan correctly depends mainly on your bathroom size. Truly, you should select the size of your fan that matches the size of the bathroom to exploit its power effectively. As for a bathroom with small size (5ft x 8ft), a CFM of 50 would work well. On the contrary, a CFM of 150+ would be powerful enough for a large-sized bathroom (9ft + x 11ft +). As for the standard bathroom with 9ft x 11ft, you would need a CFM of 110.

Fan capacity

Image source: White Noise Market

Besides, you should select the bathroom fan which can remove all the foul air in your bathroom for a sufficient time. Particularly, it would be great if your bathroom fan could recycle the total cubic feet of air in the bathroom every 7.5 minutes. It means in one hour; it would recycle eight times.

Here is another example, my bathroom has a height of 7 ft., the width of 8 ft., and depth of 10ft. Hence, its cubic would equal 560 cubic ft. =7x8x10. To determine how much its flow rate in 7.5 minutes, I divided the recycle of 560-cubit ft. By 7.5. Then, I found out I needed the fan of 75 CFM.

Unit size

First of all, you should ensure there is enough room to install your intended bathroom fan. Inherently, your fan should be placed above the shower to enhance the airflow effectively. Meanwhile, putting it in a small corner obviously does not make the best use of it.


You need to check the bathroom fan information and any reviews related to it to see if it makes annoying noise while working. Especially, when you’re in the bathroom where you deserve to take a rest after a long and tiring day, a fan which runs quietly is preferred. Otherwise, it would be wise to let the fan run after your shower or during your shower.

Color and finish

May you highly value if the fan appearance matches with surrounding style and color of your bathroom? If it is a yes from you, then you pick a suitable fan that blends in your bathroom’s decorations harmonizingly.

Color and finish

Image source: Ace Hardware

Extra features

There is a wide range of fan features such as heating element, fan light combo or multiple speed setting. Having a timing feature not only helps to conserve energy but also notifies you whether the fan extracts the moisture out of the bathroom sufficiently. Besides, your purchased fan should have the HVI certification which demonstrates it has been fully checked by an independent tester. This way, you can count on its performance.

5 Best bathroom fan Review you should consider

  Panasonic FV-15VQ5  

Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L


Broan QTXE110FLT

Hunter 83002 NuTone 781WHNT
14.9×15.8×13 14.4 x 8.2 x 5.5 10.5×11.4×7.6 16.7 x 16.5 x 15 5.9 x 8.4 x 8.4
CFM 150 80 110 110 100
Noise, sones <0.3 <0.3 0.7 3.0 1.5
Duct diameter 6 4 6 4 4
Material Metal, composite Galvanized steel body polymeric Glass Glass, Metal
Installation method Ceiling Ceiling Ceiling ceiling Ceiling

1.Panasonic FV-15VQ5 WhisperCeiling 150 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan, White

This exhaust fan would impress you at its long continuous run for 3000 hours. Moreover, many users agree that it is very quiet while working with a powerful consistency. And this fan also incorporates an efficient air ventilation system. Additionally, it has a completely enclosed condenser AC motor and a double-taper lower heel to keep it quiet while running. Besides, it can lead air even at twice the static pressure. As the fan runs cooler, the longer longevity it has. Moreover, it is less likely to cause motor failure as it hardly gets overheat. It is thanks to a thermal cutoff fuse.

Particularly, it is constructed in a square shape with an outer crust made of white plastic. At 150 CFM, it is suitable for use in the large-sized bathroom. Additionally, its dolphin shaped blade makes the airflow quite move through the fan. Noticeably, you can have this useful ventilation fan installed easily in your bathroom’s ceiling. And with such fancy features, its price is truly affordable. Not only so, but you would also find its durability worth admiring as well.


  • Most of the positive feedback related to its solid construction and silent noise mode while working.
  • People who installed it in the ceiling with a horizontal duct direction found the fan suitable assistive.
  • It sufficiently expels the moisture and leaves your bathroom warm efficiently.


  • Many users complain about its complicated installation process as they find the sheet metal attachment easily bend, the fan body hardly positioned in an attic.
  • Other negative feedbacks find the fan is not user-friendly.

2.Delta BreezRadiance RAD80L 80 CFM Exhaust Fan with Light and Heater

Delta bathroom fan is ensured to offer the high customer quality and reliable performance of air ventilation. Especially, you can afford for its superior ability to remove excess moisture and foul odor from your home. And rest assured as it is qualified for the ENERGY STAR. Specifically, it can reduce greenhouse gas emission and use the energy efficiently. Thus, with the Delta Breez, you not only help to protect the environment but also lower the electric bill and energy consumption. Noticeably, the average 80 CFM bathroom fan would make noise in between of 0.8 and 2.5 sones, while this 80 CFM Delta Breeze can maintain their performance well with a sone level less than 0.3.

Hence, you hardly notice any sound while it is working. Aside from its virtually silent, its Cubic feet per minute is worth considering as it can extract such significant amount of air in one minute. Based on a specific comparison, the Delta Breeze has a higher ability to ventilate airflow (80) than another average fan (54). Additionally, it has a built-in thermostat for a consistent temperature. With an impressive heating power of 1300 W, it does the best job at reducing excess moisture. Besides, its durability is considerably reinforced with a galvanized steel crust that can resist corrosion.


  • It’s engineered precisely with DC brushless motor increases users’ faith in its quality.
  • It makes almost no noise while ventilating.
  • Many people appreciate its ENERGY STAR qualification that ensures it consumes energy efficiently.
  • It provides not only a powerful fan but also satisfactory heat.
  • It allows you to gain a full exposure of the joint and duct run through the outside wall without a hassle.


You would need extra time to install it.

3.Broan QTXE110FLT Fluorescent Light Ultra Silent Bath Fan and Light, 110 CFM 42 Watt

This bathroom fan would appeal you at first sight with its stylish appearance. Additionally, you would be amazed at its powerful motor and quite a mode. At 110CFM, it is claimed to produce an ultra-quite 0.7 sones of sound. It also highlights a GU24 fluorescent bulb that is energy-efficient and perfect for the dark bathroom. Especially, it could ventilate air and reduce moisture continuously. And with a packable design and a light weight of 6 oz. of the duct, you can adjust and install it to fit all types of construction.

Besides, it is offered at an inexpensive price while providing a great performance of excess moisture elimination. Especially, this fan is capable of constantly removing contaminants from the indoors. Furthermore, it ensures your bathroom is protected from allergens, dust, or cooking vapors. In short, the Broan with its nice combination of the heater, fan, and light can provide quiet and efficient air ventilation.


  • Many users especially like its ultra-quite 0.7-sone level of sound.
  • There is an adjustable handlebar system that assists users in installing it efficiently.
  • At 110 CFM, the fan can eliminate excess moisture in the bathroom of 100 square feet.
  • It has a stylish appearance and many useful attachments to ensure your effectiveness of ventilation.
  • It has a convenient light that directly works in conjunction with the bathroom lights.
  • It provides a 3-year warranty. Hence, you can have it repaired at hand.
  • Its white polymer housing grill helps to enclose the motor completely.


Some people have a complaint that the fan sometimes suddenly stops working.

4.Hunter 83002 Ventilation Sona Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Light, Imperial Bronze (Bathroom Vent Fan, Exhaust Fan)

Obviously, you would not want your bathroom stuck with excess moisture and humidity. Hence, a Hunter exhaust fan with cased glass would help you by providing superior air for removing them out of your home. At 110 CFM, it can ventilate foul air and make your bathroom becomes healthy environment. Besides, this ultra-quite fan would keep the noise at 3.0 sones. Additionally, it features two light mode including light and night light with a bulb of 60 W A15. And thanks to its sophisticated fixture, cased glass and a finish of imperial bronze, your bathroom will be more elegant and stylish.

Overall, the Hunter would prevent your bathroom from buildup humidity and ventilate air from your home effectively. Additionally, with no significant sound, it wins most of the user’s faith to have it installed in their bathroom. Asides of its great ability of odor fights, it grants you a 5- year warranty. It means during this period; you can have your broken bathroom fan repaired with no free charged.


  • Many users find it is powerful and tied in with bronze faucet fixture.
  • Its elegant appearance makes it an ideal decoration for your bathroom.
  • Most of the users agree that its nightlight is a necessary feature.
  • You would like its silent mode working.


You may struggle a bit to have it installed correctly.

5.NuTone 781WHNT Corrosion Resistant Decorative Ventilation Fan with Light, 100 CFM, White

One of this fan’s amazing features is its energy star which ensures the energy efficiency for year-round energy. As a result, you can save considerable money on the electricity cost. Besides, it also has an attractive light fixture that combined with effective air ventilation, while the outer crust is finished with a white alabaster glass. Thanks for this material, your bathroom fan looks more elegant.

Besides, it directs contact with thermal insulation. Thus, during a winter, you can enjoy a toasty air without excessive moisture in the bathroom. Moreover, you can install it at hand on the ceiling easily as it could fit in 2-Inch by 6-Inch ceiling construction. Importantly the Nutone works quietly while providing the great performance of air ventilation. In case you demand more light power for light up your bathroom, this fan surely meets your need. Indeed, many users appreciate its great amount of light from its fluorescent light bulbs.


  • This is 100CFM bathroom fan could be effectively used in a narrow bathroom.
  • It provides permanently lubricated and plug-in motor to assist you setting up it easily.
  • Many users find it supportive as it directly mounts to the joist.
  • You can spend less money for electricity as the fan consumes energy efficiently.
  • The Nutone pleases many users for its classy design.


A few of users find it tends to condense and drip out at its bottom which obviously bothers them later.

FAQs about Bathroom fan

Why I need a Bathroom Fan?

First of all, the bathroom fan is an essential tool to maintain your bathroom quality. Specifically, it can ventilate indoor air to the outside of your home and leave your bathroom free of foul air and odor. Secondly, the bathroom is a damp place which would increase with a risk of toxic molds and bacterium. Therefore, you would need the bathroom exhaust fan to minimize the risk.

How Is a Bathroom Fan Installed?

There are two specific options to set up a wiring for your fan chosen. If you would like the fan to operate independently of the existing light switch, you can separate its wiring from a lightning system wire. On the contrary, if you prefer to turn on your light and your fan at the same time, then you can opt for a direct-connect option. However, you are recommended to select the first option as it would save your money spending for the electricity cost. Indeed, having a fan operating during your shower would be helpless.

What have I to do with a ductwork?

Generally speaking, an adequacy ductwork in place plays an important role in installing the bathroom fan. Exactly, having ductwork would allow the fan is shifting the moisture from your bathroom to the outdoors. Meanwhile, without the ductwork, the fan is only able to exhaust foul air from this room to another which makes no sense at all. That’s why you should avoid choosing the run of ductwork with many twists, and turns. In short, having the shortest ductwork would not only direct route to the outdoors but also enhance the fan efficiency.

How to ensure my fan’s ability of functioning?

To make a noticeable improvement in the bathroom’s indoor air with this exhaust fan, you should use it properly. Particularly, you should turn it on after taking a shower. And before it starts working, make sure your bathroom door ajar. This way, the bathroom fan can replace foul air in your bathroom with fresh air.

In case you worry whether a size of bathroom fan matches your bathroom, you can consult a local contractor or plumber to work it out. Above all, you need to examine the exhaust ductwork thoroughly before beginning the installation.

How many types of bathroom fan could I opt for?


As its name implies, this fan would be attached directly to the wall of the bathroom. In fact, many people prefer it as it can be used in the bathroom with the cathedral ceiling, or no above attic room. Besides, it is favored as it does not require any ductwork to direct the airflow.


Image source: Bathroom Collection


This is by far the most widely-used fan option. You can install directly in the bathroom’s ceiling. As a result, it can remove moisture and odors out of your bathroom. And through ductwork, these suctioned airs would be expelled out the roof. Specifically, it pulls the air up through the downward vent then the air would be pushed through the ductwork by its internal blower motor.


Image source: Ceiling Fans

In line

In line

Image source: IAQSource.com

As for this exhaust fan, you would not need to rest it on the bathrooms ceiling. Instead, you would install to a joist in the attic room directly above. This way, it reduces the noise made during the air ventilation. Noticeably, you can use it for multiple exhaust points without limiting power. Importantly, the air would travel through ductwork that is directly connected to the ceiling vent. From that point, its blower motor would expel the air to the exterior of the home.

Noticeably, you can use it for multiple exhaust points without limiting power. Importantly, the air would travel through ductwork that is directly connected to the ceiling vent. From that point, its blower motor would expel the air to the exterior of the home.

From that point, its blower motor would expel the air to the exterior of the home.

Combination unit

If you are looking for the bathroom fan which features all lighting, heating, and humidity sensing capabilities, this type of exhaust fan would be the one. Moreover, you can find it in ceiling-mounted, inline or wall-mounted units. And for such superior features, you may have to pay the extra cost.

Should I run the bathroom fan while showering?

In fact, you do not need to leave the fan run all the time unless you want a dripping bathroom. Indeed, if you leave the door open when you take a shower, the steam will be expelled from the house which leads your bathroom dry while increasing humidity in your home. To sum up, it’s needless to keep the fan running while taking a shower as it is inefficient and would build up moisture in your bathroom.

Final words

Overall, this top 5 review of the best bathroom fan would give you a detailed overview of each of them to choose a right one. Notably, to keep your bathroom out of excessive moisture, you need a high-qualified bathroom fan that can prevent any lingering moisture-related issues.

It means you need to check the CFM firstly to see if it could extract the moisture in your bathroom efficiently. Then, you need to consider thoroughly its supplemental accessories (heating function, light, remote control, etc.), its size unit, noise and finish. Additionally, pay a closer look to an offered warranty to get the most out of your bathroom fan. Hope you would make a right purchase and find it helpful!

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