Baseboard Space Heater Buying Guide


Central heating systems can create some issues such as wasting energy, complicated installation. That is why space heaters are great solutions for you to choose. You can use electric baseboard space heater as a main or supplemental heating source. It is low-cost and uses energy efficiently. They are also easy to install. This article will provide you further information about this amazing heat solution.

I.    Baseboard Space Heaters: What are They? How Do They Work?

What are baseboard space heater?

Baseboard heaters are great supplemental heating options. They can add more heat to any area or room that has a lower temperature than other parts of the house. They are also available in different length and styles so you can install them in any rooms or places.

People usually place electric baseboard space heaters on the coldest wall of the house. They will radiate warm heat into the room. However, some homeowners install them in an area like bathrooms or garages even when those places usually need less heat than other areas.

Moreover, they provide clean and powerful heat. They are also safe to use since no dangerous combustion or burning is needed. Installation is also not so difficult, which is convenient.

How Do They Work?

All baseboard space heater systems include four basic elements: furnace, thermostats, water circulation pumps, and baseboard radiators. Some models also have safety features such as an automatic water makeup valve, a drain valve, isolation valves, and pressure relief valve. These features will prevent the heater from causing any accident.

The operating process is not very complicated. The heater will start to operate as soon as the user turns the thermostat on and choose the desired temperature. Baseboard space heaters can use oil, propane, gas or electricity as fuel.

How Do Baseboard Heater Work?

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Initially, the heater will heat up the water and circulate it around the house through the water circulation pumps. When the warm water reaches the baseboard radiators, warm air will be released into the room.

After the water is cooled down, it will circulate back to the heater. The process will repeat over and over again until the temperature reaches the desired mark. To turn the heater off, all you have to do is to trigger the thermostat.

II.    Benefits:

So why should you buy a baseboard space heater? What are the benefits that it will bring? Well, they can bring you major advantages. Furthermore, they can reduce your energy bills and require minimal maintenance. These are some major benefits that a baseboard space heater will provide:

Cost effective. You don’t need to modify ductwork because Baseboard heaters only need simple installation. The installation is also less expensive than central heating systems.

Low energy bills. Baseboard space heaters allow you to set a specific temperature of your needs. Then, the heater will cycle on and off to maintain the temperature at your desired level. Moreover, they only heat a single room, which is called zone heating. Therefore, you don’t need to waste energy heating the whole house. This way, more energy is conserved.

Quiet operation. Since no fan is included, the heater does not produce any loud noises. The operating process is fairly quiet, which is great for noise-sensitive areas.

Safe to use. Baseboard space heaters are also safe to use. Most of the models include safety features. For example, the thermal cutoff feature will turn the heater off right away if it reaches a dangerous temperature. Then, it will turn back the heater after it has been cooled down.

Low maintenance. You only need to do minimal maintenance work for this heater. No replacement is required. All you have to do is to clean the frill periodically.

Efficiency: Baseboard space heaters are known for their efficiency. The power range is between 500 to 2000 Watts. They can heat an area that is up to 200 square feet. Baseboard space heaters also conserve energy well and can save you lots of money. They are ideal to use in garages or basements where can easily get drafty during the winter. The convection heat which baseboard heater produces will distribute evenly and efficiently. Therefore, you don’t need to install a new heating system.

Portable & Easy-to-Plug. Portable Baseboard space heaters are considerable options if you only want to heat specific areas. This type of heater is easy to use and can be plugged in anywhere that has an electrical outlet. Some models include handles that allow you to pick up and transport the unit to other rooms easily and conveniently. They are ideal to use as a supplemental heating source for any homes or apartments.

III.    Things to Consider When Buying the Best Baseboard Space Heater:


Baseboard heaters can be categorized into two sub-types: Electric convection and hydronic. Each type has its pros and cons. You can choose any type that suits best to your house structure.

Electric convection:

This is the most basic type of baseboard space heater. They produce heat by utilizing a heating element which includes electric coils. They also operate by the most common type of heating technology, which is convection heating.

This means that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. However, the heat dissipates quicker than other heaters. This happens because the heating element will cool down instantly after the heater is off.

Additionally, this type of baseboard heater is cheaper and more durable the hydronic one. It also warms up quicker than the other type. It is also more popular than hydronic heaters.


Hydronic heaters

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Hydronic heaters operate by warming up water, or other liquid. After that, they will radiate heat evenly throughout the room. When compared to the other type, Hydronic heaters take a longer time to raise the room temperature. However, they retain heat longer than electric heaters after they are turned off.

Moreover, they are more expensive than electric convention heater . However, since they have the ability to retain heat longer, hydronic heaters are more efficient and cost-saving. They also offer gentle heat, which is suitable for people with allergies.


Baseboard space heater comes in a variety of wattage or voltage range. Most users choose heaters that have the wattage range from 500 to 1500 or in a voltage range from 120 to 240.

You can multiply the square footage by 10 to figure out which wattage range is ideal for you. For instance, if your room is 200 square feet, you will need a heater that has 2000 watts.

This way, you can heat up your room as efficient as possible. Getting a lower wattage heater for your room is still fine, but it might take longer to raise the room temperature.


Try to make sure that the heater will fit in the area that you have planned for it. Moreover, using a big heater in a small room is not a smart idea. Because It can get overheat and might cause an accident.

Also, make sure that your heater has its necessary clearances around. Eliminate any obstacles at least 6 inches on both sides of the heater. The above area of the heater should also be left at least 12 inches of clearance.


A heater that is too wide will consume lots of your valuable space. Therefore, if you have a small room, consider one that is not too wide. Moreover, keep in mind that a wide heater can produce more heat.

IV.    Top 3 Baseboard Space Heaters:

1. Fahrenheit PLF1004 Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Fahrenheit PLF1004 Hydronic Baseboard Heater
Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

The Fahrenheat PLF1004 is a baseboard heater that can heat up a specific room or area. It produces a reliable level of heat output that is comfortable and gentle. It also has a clean, stylish look that will go well with your furniture.

This electric baseboard heater features a hydronic tube, which helps this heater to retain heat longer even when it is turned off. It can produce a heat output of 3410 BTUs, which is totally nice for places like bedrooms or offices.

This is a 46 inches wide baseboard space heater, which is not too wide or too narrow. This model is even available in another width such as 28 inches and 94 inches. It also comes with different power outputs, which are 500 watts and 2000 watts. Thus, this is great if you have a larger or smaller room to heat.

About the voltage compatibility, it will operate perfectly with both 240-volt and 208-volt wiring. Therefore, it is compatible to wire to a single thermostat in the room. Also, it will work nicely when wired to a thermostat in a different room with whole-home heat syncing setting.

This electronic baseboard heater comes with 10-year limited warranty insurance which will ensure a long durability. For individual parts, only a one-year warranty is provided. However, the parts of hydronic heaters usually last longer since they expose to the heat like electric heaters

This heater also features thermal cutout and it is a safety feature that will automatically shut off the heater if it is overheat. After a while cooling down, the baseboard space heater will reactivate again.

Overall, the Fahrenheit PLF1004 is an amazing heater designed with all required features provided to heat a room. This is a great choice for any homes or offices.

2. Marley HBB1254 Qmark Electric/Hydronic Baseboard Heater

Marley HBB1254 Qmark Electric/Hydronic Baseboard Heater
Our Rating: 4.7 / 5

This is an electric convection baseboard space heater that can deliver powerful heat evenly throughout the room. The wattage range of this heater is 1250, which is enough to heat an area up to 125 square feet.

The heater works efficiently and can retain heat for a long time. It is a great way to conserve energy and reduce heating costs. The heater also produces gentle warmth, which is nice for places like bedrooms.

A strong convection flow allows the heater to transform energy into heat. This will prevent it from wasting energy. The installation doesn’t require hard work so it is easy for you. The heater also works quietly and gently. This makes it suitable for noise-sensitive places like bedroom or office. However, you need to buy and install the thermostat yourself and it  is not so convenient.

Overall, this is a nice option to consider. This heater is well-made and will last for a long time.

3. King 8CB2415BW 1500-Watt 240-Volt 8-Foot Ceramic Baseboard Heater

King 8CB2415BW 1500-Watt 240-Volt 8-Foot Ceramic Baseboard Heater
Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

The King Ceramic Baseboard Heater is considered as one of the best Ceramic heaters. It produces convection heat that is comfortable and gentle. It is available in bright white color and has the voltage range of 240 Volts. The power output of it is 1500 Watts, which means it can produce a heat output of 5120 BTUs.

The nickel-chromium coil elements have high quality and work perfectly. Unlike standard baseboard space heater, it has a low surface temperature so it is safe. It also features 20-gauge steel construction, thus, ensuring a long durability.

The high mass heating element offers superior operation, which makes this heater, stands out. The ceramic thermal storage core is steady, durable and safe to use. No leakage will happen. Moreover, the core will not explode because of the pressure in the baseboard.

The heater comes with wire way, so it will be easier for you to install. The material of fins is aluminum, which is durable and transfers heat amazingly. The heater will radiate heat consistently.

The heater distribute heat evenly, and the cooling operations will minimize temperature swings. An overheat sensor will automatically turn off the heating element if the temperature gets too high. The heater also operates silently, which makes it ideal for bedrooms.

The heat is low density. Junction boxes and element hangers can be weld to the baseboard case to minimize the noise even more. A screw allows you to mount the heater to the wall.

What the heater also operates cleanly with no drafts. It is UL listed. The durable baked enamel finish will prevent this heater from corrosion.

As a whole, this is an amazing heater to get. It comes with many sizes for you to choose

In conclusion, baseboard space heaters are great supplemental heating sources. They are a cost-effective and efficient option if you only want to heat a specific area such as a living room or bedroom. A good electric baseboard space heater must work efficiently and safe to use. Safety features are a must-have feature to prevent any possible accident.

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