Tips for Using a Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Overall, a backpack vacuum cleaner is a very modern version of vacuum cleaners. Nowadays, a lot of professionals and experts and in the cleaning industry highly recommend us to use this type of vacuum cleaner. Why? It’s simply because of the high productivity as well as versatility.

It is very crucial to learn how to use a backpack vacuum cleaner. The problem here is that you always think you can use a backpack vacuum the same way you use a traditional one. But you’re wrong. In fact, it’s slightly different. Therefore, if you want to make the best of your backpack vacuum cleaner, just learn how to use it properly.

We highly recommend the following tips for you:

Tip 1: Let’s begin with the shoulder straps

Let’s begin with the shoulder straps

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First, slide your arms through the shoulder straps.

If you are right-handed, just like me, then grab the harness and use your dominant hand to pick up the backpack. This way, you will find it much easier to control the backpack while you are lifting it.

More importantly, this can help you reduce much strain in case it is quite heavy for you.

Tip 2: Lift the vacuum cleaner

Lift the vacuum cleaner

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Once you’ve already had the machine on your back, lift the vacuum and keep it just above or on your hips.

Remember to do this step before you adjust the straps around your waist.

Trust me, this way is really effective to wear the vacuum cleaner.

Tip 3: Start vacuuming

Start vacuuming

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This is also one of the essential things to remember when it comes to how to use a backpack vacuum cleaner.

In details, it’s important to leave the shoulder strap on your dominant side slightly looser than the recessive one.

In my case, it is the right one. The reason why I recommend you to do it is that your dominant arm, which you use to perform the vacuuming, is freed up.

Tip 4: Tighten the shoulder straps

In addition, your shoulder straps must be tight enough and more importantly, comfortable. Therefore, you can use it for a long time without worrying about the straps slipping off your shoulders.   

Tip 5: Avoid bending with a backpack vacuum cleaner behind

Avoid bending your backpack vacuum cleaner

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Last but not least, this is also important for you not to bend over with the backpack behind.

Manufacturers especially design some certain vacuum cleaners, attachments, and tools to be worn on your belt, thus, within your reach. That’s why you need to buy a product coming with tools and attachments like that. This way, you will never have to bend or stoop, preventing pain in lower back.

Now, have you known how to use it yet? Have you remembered all of my tips for using a backpack vacuum cleaner properly? If not yet, then read this article over and over again. I hope you enjoyed it and found my tips helpful. By the way, if you have any other idea on how to use a backpack vacuum cleaner properly, just share with us.

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