Air Pollution Effects on Preterm Births And How To Fix The Problem

Air Pollution Leads To Preterm Births And How To Fix The Problem

Many pieces of news about the rising amount of air pollution effects have worried the majority of us. We are worrying about their health and living condition. There are a lot of concerns about the impact of pollution towards physical and mental health as well as the cost to fix the damages that pollutions cause.

In fact, one of the most recent news is about the link between preterm births and air pollution. It has been reported that there were 16000 premature births with the main cause of air pollution. This does not only lead to significant cost in health care service but also cause serious damage to the safety and well-being of the people involved.

How air pollution effects on preterm birth

Respiratory and heart issues

There are many studies which show that air pollution can lead to respiratory and heart issues. Also, the pollutants in the air will find their way into our body through skin contact and inhale. When they come to our blood, they will then cause inflammation and affect the quality of our blood.

Respiratory and heart issues

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Blood quality

In the case of pregnant women, they need to deliver blood to their fetus. And blood with oxygen is the main and only source of food for the fetus at the moment. When these pregnant women live in polluted areas, their blood’s quality is really bad. It means that the fetus inside their body will not be able to get the necessary and good quality of nutrients to develop.

Blood quality

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Endocrine system

Furthermore, according to a few types of research, air pollution will disrupt the endocrine system. Hence it prevents pregnant women from creating a regulating protein. This protein is crucial for the development of the fetus as well as the overall wellbeing of these women.

Endocrine system

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When the baby is born way sooner than its expected date (about three weeks earlier), he would have a greater risk infant mortality, lower IQ, and other health issues. This can affect his life later on and cause you a huge amount of money for his treatments.

The problem in term of preterm birth is more severe in developing countries. In these countries, the level of air pollution is worse. And the medical facilities are not at a very high quality there.

So air pollution effects is the real threat not only to the people who have been suffering from it for a long time but also to our next generation. Air pollution, along with other types of pollutions, needs long-term solutions to deal with. There are several things that pregnant women could do to prevent preterm births caused by air pollution.

Here are some temporary solutions for your consideration

If you are living in a highly polluted area, consider moving to a quieter and cleaner place.

In case you live nearby big roads with heavy traffics, consider closing your windows and doors. Especially, during the rush hours, close all doors to prevent the polluted air with the high amount of carbon monoxide to get into your house.

In case you live nearby big roads with heavy traffics, consider closing your windows and doors

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Use an air filter to help you clean the air inside your house and get rid of as many pollutants as possible.

Don’t go outside during the rush hours to avoid as much car emissions as possible. Provided that you have to go out in these hours, remember to wear sunglasses and mask.

Indoor air can be as dangerous as outdoor air. Therefore, you need to make sure the air inside your house is always clean. There are several steps that you can do including stopping smoking and using natural homemade cleaner.


It is not safe at all to live in an area with a high level of air pollution, especially for pregnant women. They may encounter significant health risks for their wellbeing. Also, they have a great risk of having a preterm birth.

There are some ways that you can do to prevent preterm birth as much as possible. For examples staying away from polluted and using the air purifiers. Hopefully, with your healthy lifestyle and your awareness about the issue of air pollution effects on preterm birth, you would be able to have a healthy pregnancy and of course healthy baby.

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